‘Gallon Smashing’: a crime or not?

Gallon Smashing has become a popular prank to pull in supermarkets.

Gallon Smashing has become a popular prank to pull in supermarkets.

Like the videos Gangam Style and The Harlem Shake, “Gallon Smashing” has become the new YouTube sensation. In one short week, one of the many videos earned an impressive 3 million views. Although this prank seems harmless, some are starting to consider it a crime.

In these videos, three teen brothers from Vienna, VA, Zayd, Faysal and Omar Khatib, film themselves in super markets carrying pre-bought gallons of milk. They pretend to trip and fall throwing the milk in the air sending it crashing to the floor. They dramatically pretend to be injured, rushing shoppers and store employees to help them up.

Of course if you’re a teen watching this on YouTube, like me, you will think think this is hilarious. But others aren’t as amused.

Videos of people being interviewed show mixed feelings: Some people laugh at the pranks while others are more stern. Many think that the the boys’ behavior is obnoxious.

“I do not consider ‘Gallon Smashing’ a crime because the teens have already bought the milk they use for the prank and they aren’t injuring anyone,” junior Cynthia Weiner said. “They are doing this at their own risk.”

The teens making the videos only consider these acts to be pranks and nothing more, but the reason why they could be considered crimes are because they’re recorded.

If the teens didn’t record the videos, no one would have proof that the act was a fake prank. The teens could get away with this—no problem. But since we have the videos, if people really wanted to, they could argue it was against the law.

However, the only real charge that could be brought against the pranksters is the fact that other people have to clean up the mess.