Keep yourself healthy with a fruit mix


Oranges are a key ingredient to this blend.

Summer break can be a busy time for many students; several take on jobs and others like to catch up with their friends. Eating healthy and exercising each day can be easy to forget at this time, since many want to relax as well. Getting your daily intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber can be easy if you make this mix.

You will need:

-A blender

-Six prunes

-1/3 cup of raisins

-1/2 orange

-1/2 apple

-Four tablespoons of orange juice (with or without pulp)

-A container

-Optional: any other desired fruit


1. Set up the blender.

2. Add in all the ingredients and any other desired fruit.

3. Blend for about two minutes, or until it has a liquid consistency

4. Refrigerate  the mix.

Eating two tablespoons daily will help you get the daily vitamins and minerals your body needs. It is also great at cleansing your digestive tract and keeping it in check.