Homecoming Evolution


The Antenna

The senior homecoming court of 1968 is presented before the kickoff at the homecoming football game. The winner was later announced during half-time. To this day that tradition has remained the same.

Every year, homecoming week brings back traditions and memories. The halls are once again filled with students dressed up in different outfits for spirit week and excitement builds among the community as people get ready for the homecoming game.

“The events leading up to homecoming were some of the most memorable times from high school,” history teacher Andrew Suddarth said. “Float parties, hall decoration, and spirit week were always fun. Everything seemed to culminate with the parade and the game.”

In the end, all events lead to the most important of them all, the homecoming dance.

With that in mind, homecoming dances in previous decades were different and unique. As the decades progress, old traditions and styles give way to new ones.


Homecoming in the 60’s wasn’t as formal and conservative as one may think. Back then, asking a date out to the dance was a simple occasion, opposed to the creative proposals that students have today. In the 1968 dance, girls dressed casually with mini dresses and high heeled sandals, while boys wore sweater vests and khakis. The mood was more tranquil as couples danced together rather than in groups.


Homecoming dances in the 70’s were “groovy.” Crepe paper, balloons, and streamers draped the each class’ hallway. Floats of giant Sesame Street muppets such as Miss Piggy, Elmo, and Cookie Monster packed the school parking lot.  According to Debbie Estes, the 1979 dance theme was “Days gone by.”

“Everyone wore three piece suits, sports coats, and pants, or [a] special dress with a slit or ruffle,” The Antenna said.


Like the 60’s and 70’s, homecoming in the 80’s were simple. “We wore long dresses to homecoming with platform shoes,” Kathy Ryan 1984 alumni said. “It was very plain and no wear as elaborate as it is now. I also remember that none of us went in groups so we just went in groups so we just went with our date. There also wasn’t the big proposal that there is nowadays. [It] was very plain and just a dance.”