Extra snow day causes end of quarter crunch


Andrew Peters


FCPS closed its schools Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday because of snow which accumulated about 5 inches in Annandale on Tuesday and initiated a two-hour delay on Friday.

These closings created a six day weekend for students, as Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

These closings come a full week after the polar-vortex cancellations.

“On a snow day I usually go on Netflix, I read a book and play outside with some friends. I love snow days. Yesterday night [I found out about the snow day]. My cousin is a teacher at Braddock Elementary, and she texted me,” sophomore Jennifer Kang said.

Students relish snow days.

“I am watching movies while trying to do homework also [on my snow day]. Yesterday at 8 pm [I found out about the closing]. Everyone was talking about it,” junior Marco Cespedes said.

Because of these cancellations, FCPS will be in session on Presidents Day, Feb. 17, which was scheduled to be a student holiday, as well as April 7, the last day of Spring Break.

Some students dislike cancelled student holidays.

“I would rather just face school and wait for those other breaks to come,” Kang said.

Others do not mind as much.

“If the snow days do take days off of spring break and summer vacation then I am fine with that, I cannot really argue with that,” Cespedes said.

These closings come the week before the end of the first semester, causing a stressful situation for teachers and students. There is no room to absorb missed days scheduled for midterms and large assessments.

“When my teachers cram all kinds of work in order to put more grades into the system, it gives us more work to do and adds more stress,” Kang said.

Projects and tests on snow days cause schedule headaches. 

“I think it [the snow days] might [cause problems with classes] because I have a test for my US/VA class that is supposed to be this week so there might be a problem with that. And then also in my art class we have projects due this week,” Cespedes said.

Delays and closings cause frustrating situations for students and teachers.

“It’s annoying because now we are going to have to stay later in the school year,… because we already had yesterday off. Even worse, I have Broadway Desserts this weekend, and we were supposed to have a dress rehearsal today. So snow days mess with plans,” sophomore Annie Stout said.