Competing at the national level

Art students prepare for art contest for the chance to be featured in the Capitol


Junior Shawn deLopez brainstorms ideas of what to make, preparing for the contest.


Junior Shawn deLopez is one of numerous students looking to show off his art at a national level. Planning to do a painting, deLopez starts to begin the artistic process in order for the chance to be nationally recognized. The process is likely to take a few weeks, according to deLopez.

Each spring, the U.S. House of representatives sponsors the nation-wide high school art show. Students from different districts and states compete at a professional level where they will  have the opportunity to display their work in Washington DC.

The winning piece of art from the competition will be put up for a year in the U.S. Capitol. The competition is open to all students from district schools.

Students that live in Connolly and Beyer districts qualify to participate in the competition.

Many students throughout the county work hard and prepare pieces of art for this competition. The reward of winning the competition makes up for the time and effort needed to make these masterpieces.

“As far as preparing, [my] project is already complete, it’s just a matter of turning in paper work, you know, putting the final touches on the artwork,” Wright said. “Matting it and everything to make sure it looks as perfect and professional as possible.”

The purpose for the competition is to encourage gifted students to challenge themselves and explore beyond their minds to show their inner talent.

Students at AHS are excited to compete for the chance to display their artwork at the  capitol.

“I like that it’s a chance for me to show people my art because a lot of times we don’t have the opportunity to show people outside the school and Annandale community,” sophomore Madison Schinstock said.

Students who are competing in the artwork display were given a long amount of time get their masterpieces done.

“We’ve been working on these projects for a couple of weeks now and so we can submit any project we’ve done throughout the year, so we had about just all year to prepare a project for this competition,” Schinstock said.

With tensions rising as the event comes  close, artist at AHS  feel confident with their art work and hope to have the chance to win the competition.

“The competition gives your artwork exposure you know puts a little self confidence in you saying you can compete with other people’s artwork even though there’s different styles and methods that will be the prominent figures,” Wright said.

Students explore their [mind’s artistry] by trying something different and putting every personal detail to it.

“I did a portrait of my sister in watercolor and it just kind of showed her personality and how happy she gets over tiny little things,” Schinstock said.

All the winners of artwork from the districts will be displayed at The Workhouse Art Center from April 25 until May 9, 2015.