Quarterback fiasco in Washington


Some things in life happen so often that they become givens- the sun rising in the morning, the seasons changing, and the Washington Redskins being plagued by unnecessary drama.

For the last 20 years, the Redskins have been in the news for controversy about their team name, overpaying free agents that ultimately amount to nothing, and most infamously, having issues with the quarterback position.

In February, Coach Jay Gruden said that Robert Griffin III was the starting quarterback, but after a preseason game against Detroit, in which he got completely pummeled until he was concussed, Gruden later decided to go in favor of Kirk Cousins.

RG3 is the most athletic quarterback in the league, and he might be able to find success on an NFL team, but he won’t with the Redskins. His relationship with Gruden seems so tarnished that it can’t be mended. But RG3 shouldn’t want to play on a team with an abysmal offensive line, a coach that keeps him in a meaningless preseason game where he’s getting pounded by enormous defensive lineman and for a city that uses him as a scapegoat for two decades worth of failure anyways.

And wasn’t the sole reason Gruden was brought to Washington was to help RG3 develop his pocket presence? Yet he gave up on him so quickly.

In Griffin’s rookie year, he easily had the best season a Redskins quarterback has had in recent memory. Sadly, the 2012 RG3 doesn’t seem like he will show up this year in Washington. 

And if RG3 isn’t the franchise quarterback anymore, why don’t they just cut him? Due to how his contract is structured, if he gets injured this season, Washington will owe him $16.2 million for the 2016 season. Doesn’t seem like the smartest of deals because Griffin has been plagued by injuries since his college days.

For right now, Cousins is the man at the helm, but will his stint as the starter even last long?

Backup quarterback Colt McCoy had a pretty solid preseason and might create some competition for Cousins. According to ESPN.com, McCoy’s quarterback rating of 96.4 was higher than both Griffin and Cousins last year. Even though he probably wouldn’t start on a majority of teams, he seems comfortable in the pocket, and he’s capable of leading the team down the field.

Cutting RG3 would be ideal for both sides. Griffin would get a fresh start on a new team, and the Redskins could move on from the soap opera that has been going on for the last few years.

Hopefully for Gruden, Cousins will be the right quarterback for Washington. But if Cousins doesn’t perform well or gets injured, and Griffin takes his place and plays well, people will wonder why Gruden was so quick to bench Griffin. If this scenario comes into fruition, Gruden’s lack of faith in Griffin could get him kicked out the door because owner Dan Snyder is a strong supporter of the former first round pick.

In conclusion, Kirk Cousins is currently the starting quarterback of the team, but who’s going to start at the end of the season is anyone’s guess.