Simply Stunning


The simplicity of solid-colored clothing has slowly conquered flashy, over-the-top outfits. Instead of flaunting colorful, extravagant wardrobes, students are stunting in plain shirts and pants.

Neutral-colored clothings consists of different variations of black, white, brown and green. A common example of this style is wearing any shade of blue jeans. This has become a popular fashion choice among boys at AHS.

“I think that only certain solid colored clothes would look fresh,” senior Ananda Poudel said.

Poudel can easily be spotted in a crowd with his fashionable all-brown Timberland boots.

“I wear a plain white shirt sometimes, but you have to be able to make it look good with what you wear on the bottom,” Poudel said.

It’s also very convenient because these types of clothing can go with anything, creating different types of wardrobes.

“I like it because you have more options if you want to wear something else,” senior Amanda Villagran said.

The simplicity of the style can save you time when you’re rushing to get ready

“Solid colors can easily be put together with anything when you’re in a hurry and still look very fashionable,” junior Saad Farooq said.

On the other hand, some students are opposed to the simplistic style because they believe it isn’t as tasteful.

“I think [solid-colored clothing] makes you look plain and boring,” senior Natnael Weldegiorgis said. “But I sometimes put on jeans, Sperry’s and a normal plaid shirt, and feel very fresh.”

People have differing views on this new fashion, but it’s undeniably appealing and makes outfits more affordable. Plain-colored shirts at H&M are only $4, making frugal and fashionable synonymous.

Boys at AHS can get inspired by some of their favorite rappers like Kanye West. His fashion line is full of effortless basic pieces that are paired together nicely. Although simple colors are in use it still has a sleek and stylish look to it.

Wearing solid-colors isn’t a fashion statement that is only limited to males. Many girls at AHS flex out in simple clothes as well.

Creating an outfit with neutral colors is so easy. You can simply take different neutral shades, pair them together and you’ll have a simplistic outfit ready to go. Girls can wear the most basic pieces of clothing and still look as good as someone who is wearing bright, flashy colors. The neutral colors and basic clothing trend is in now. The Kardashian and Jenner sisters are the epitome of neutral and basic styles and clothing. You always see Kim Kardashian pairing neutral colors together or even a solid olive colored top with skin-toned skirt and coat.

“I like wearing solid, neutral and basic colors because they are easier to work and also style differently,”senior Hassa Koroma said.

Sometimes people wear a basic outfit to help attract attention to something else in their wardrobe.

“[I wear solid-colored outfits] only when I want something in my outfit to stand out, like my shoes or a necklace,” sophomore Mia Mouchkelly. “But I usually wear solid shoes and patterned clothing.”

Instead of being extraordinary, some students are now finding the perks of rocking simple outfits. An addition to your outfit can easily be a pair of shoes or any type of statement accessories. Instead of those items you can use a clean and effortless purse. Those little perks that are adding to your outfit will be the main focus and add a little personal touch.