Annandale holds elective fair


On Jan. 7, Annandale High School held an elective fair during W4. The seniors were excused from attending, and instead had a class meeting, but the rest of the classes were present.

The elective fair is a program which helps students get a better understanding of their options, and prepare for course selections.

During the elective fair students choose four elective classes they are interested in signing up for, and a fifth backup class. There are four sessions, and during each session teachers explain their elective class and tell students about the course expectations. This helps students to know if they are choosing the right class ahead of time.

“I think it is a very important event,” junior Aisha Tahir said. “It helps students understand the class and how fit they are for it. It makes the course interesting and plays an important role in their decision making process.”

Many teachers have different ways of showing their class to the students and to show the course plan. Some teachers prepare a handout beforehand, others set up a PowerPoint presentation.

“I like how the teachers make PowerPoints because I pay attention better that way,” sophomore Amy Han said. “One class I went to made a video that was really funny and interesting.”

Some students wish for more time with teachers to understand the meaning of the classes fully.

“I think it would be more beneficial if teachers had more time to talk about their classes and more electives we could go to,” Tahir said.

Overall, the elective fair was very beneficial and helped students figure out which classes they will be signing up for in the upcoming weeks during schedule selections.