Review on Broadway Desserts


Annandale Singers end the performance of Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera

Yabi Bereket, Staff writer

From Thursday through Saturday, AHS put on their annual production of Broadway Desserts, which consisted of famous thirty one famous Broadway songs, and a buffet of desserts that were provided during intermission.

It had been a long time tradition for AHS to host this event, and each year, it keeps getting better. It was almost a full house Friday night, and the auditorium was buzzing with chatter, people’s’ voices were overlapping one another in excitement for what was yet to come.

 it then slowly started to approach, the lights dimmed, and the twinkling lights on the edge of the stage were shining brightly. A low rumbling of the drums was heard in the still room, and in came every performer from that night, faces smiling, and the curtains opened to reveal more shining faces.

It started with its time-honored opener, Everything’s Comin’ Up Roses from Gypsy, and included all the performers from that night; they sang with jubilation.

The students were spread out all through the inside of the auditorium, making it feel as though the audience was more incorporated into the show, gaining the full experience.

Broadway songs from that night ranged from Chicago to Dogfight to Newsies (my personal favorite). It seemed as though the show revolved around the theme of relationships and breakups, which I think, made the show even better.

Once the acts came up, my first highly enjoyed act was Money, Money, performed by Eva Bottcher, Savannah Gravitt, and Emily Trachsel. It was a three persona act, and had the audience roaring in laughter. Their energy displayed was vibrant and happy, which tied the performance all together.

Skipping a couple of other good performances, my next favorite was Fly, Fly Away, performed by Savannah Gravitt. Now, keeping in mind I am someone who is very emotional, her performance really got to me, as well as the rest of the audience. The lyrics in the song were saddening, but spoke to the audience, and gave out the message of the song; not just through the lyrics itself, but through expression,

Her acting was done well, and peoples favorability towards it was displayed through the hooting and hollering afterwards.There was so much emotion in just those 3 minutes. It doesn’t come as much of surprise, considering her known background in performing on stage.  

Soon after, intermission came, and people were rushing to get to Clausen Hall where the desserts were being distributed. Cookies, cakes, and muffins were just the start of the dessert craze. The only problem was the maniacal frenzy everyone went into once there.

Some more favorites of mine were She Used to be Mine performed by Rediate Zewdu, I Have a Dream, which was an original composition by Elvera MIller, and Cell Block Tango, performed by a group of highly talented ladies. It was hysterical, and well rehearsed. As the song went, each of the six girls stepped forward to share their story of heartbreak from a lover, and how they avenged it.

finally my last favorite act of the night which also happened to be second to last was First Date, Last Night performed by Kyle Dalsimer and Emily Trachsel.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Broadway Desserts. The acts were performed well for the most part, the singing was great, and I generally had a good time. I encourage people to watch it next year, because there’s nothing else like it.