Fox shields Bill O’Reilly



The now former host of the popular show "The O'Reilly Factor" was fired from Fox after sexual harassment allegations.

Binqi Chen, Editorial Editor

Amidst the exposure of numerous cases of sexual harassment, Bill O’Reilly, the most popular political cable news show host, has been fired from Fox News.

The scandal began after The New York Times published an investigation of a series of settlements to at least five women who were either guests or former employees for O’Reilly. The women were paid by 21st Century Fox or O’Reilly himself after sexual assault claims. These settlements were in exchange for the women to not pursue further legal charges against O’Reilly. This total paid by Fox racks up to over $13 million.

After O’Reilly’s accusations had surfaced, over 50 advertisers halted their support for his popular show “The O’Reilly Factor.” Only then did Fox News decid to cut O’Reilly from their channels.

Why did it take so long for Fox to do the right thing?

Fox has constantly shielded and backed O’Reilly during years of sexual assault allegations. It is wrong for a company to protect its employees from public disgrace just because he or she brings in large amounts of revenue for the company.

It is absolutely disgusting to see that one of the most well recognized figures in American news and conservative politics has been committing these harrassments for years. It is also disappointing to find out that 21st Century Fox has repeatedly tried to silence the victims of O’Reilly’s abuse.

The company for years now has been using this tactic to help O’Reily soar and thrive. People like O’Reilly are supposed to be role models and inspire rising politicians in their party. This is definitely not the type of encouragement that the next generation needs or deserves.

This is not the first time that Fox News has come under fire for claims of sexual harassment. Just last year, Roger Ailes resigned from his position as CEO due to sexual harassment allegations.

Workplace sexual harassment must not be ignored and more actions should be taken by large corporations to prevent future assaults. Companies and public figures should have to face the crimes and injustices they have committed instead of hiding from them.