Filament hosts second Coffeehouse of the year


Gabe's Fault performs during the first coffeehouse late last year.

Brenda Gamez, Staff Writer

As junior Elisabeth Platt sets up the stage, she thinks about how fun the night will be with all the talent and all the people that will soon fill the
room She is excited because it’s yet again another Coffee House event and it will for sure be better than the last. The Coffee House is an event that takes place two to three times a year showcasing the amazing talent of AHS students, held by literary magazine, The Filament, Students perform all types of acts, from raps to dances.

The event includes all art that is creative and school appropriate. It’s a place for students to show off their marvelous talents to family, friends, or staff. But what goes perfect with entertainment? Food.

Along with the entertainment the hosts of the event provide baked goods and hot beverages, as any coffee house does. Maybe you’re thinking that sounds like a waste of time, well according to Platt, when a student attends they receive extra credit in their English class. So it’s probably a good idea to attend if you need some extra credit but doesn’t feel like doing extra credit work.

The Coffee House is most importantly about having a good time. It’s not a competition but a way to express yourself through performing art. Students are encouraged to participate, to shine a spotlight on the given talents of AHS students. It also helps raise money for the magazine. Now, you might be thinking ‘that sounds like a lot of fun, maybe I should show the world my incredible singing voice or dance moves. Well, there is an audition process for the Coffee House.

Auditions take place after school on scheduled dates but if you’re busy with school work or a sport, no need to worry because you can contact Ms. Lee or a Filament member and schedule an alternative time for you to audition. But what if you really want to show the world what you got but stage fright is holding you back, there is no need to worry because the Coffee House is a small welcoming environment, think like in a movie. There’s also just enough people to fulfill your dreams but also not to cause a meltdown in the middle of the stage. Have you ever had a friend with an amazing voice but their just too shy to show the world what they got.

Kind of like Peggy from camp rock, where at the end of the movie she stopped being the backup singer and ended up winning the whole competition. You should encourage your friends to participate in upcoming Coffee House events, so they can win the competition against themselves. In past Coffee House events students who were once shy students showed their true colors and preformed beautiful pieces.

Junior Ephrata Yohannes says her favorite part is seeing those who you would never notice in the hallways, grow confidence and become not just another wallflower but a beautiful confident talented soul. She’s loved seeing this happen so much, that Yohannes has even been considering performing herself in her senior year of high school. Both Platt and Yohannes enjoy every part of the Coffee House.

“There’s always so much happiness and the mood in the whole place is so chill and relaxing” Platt said.

It’s a great place to break out of your shell and begin your high school musical fantasy! The Coffee House event takes place April 19, at 3 p.m. in the Clausen Hall. Admission is $4 at the door and remember there will be baked goods and warm beverages for sale. It’s an amazing event that I believe nobody should miss out on. Come and support The Filament but also the talented souls at this school and show them their talent does not go unnoticed.