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The Weeknd releases new EP following breakup

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The Weeknd releases new EP following breakup

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Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, dropped one of the most anticipated EPs of the year on March 30. Tesfaye released the news that an EP was coming earlier that same week, and confirmed it by posting the album art on his instagram.
Even though he only gave the world about two days notice, the EP is being predicted to hit #1 on Billboard’s top 200 chart by April 13.
The EP itself is extremely somber, taking his fan base back to his roots in Trilogy with a combination of Starboy.
This is Tesfaye going back to his old self, the inspiration for his start in the music industry.
The production of Starboy was great, but the album depended on the electro-pop sound and focused more on the beats rather than the lyrics. A slower, more deprived use of the electro-pop production that really sets the tone of depression, loneliness, and heartbreak in My Dear Melancholy.
The vibes of depression, loneliness and heartbreak connect this album to Trilogy.
Even more, the electro-pop production is also reminiscent of Starboy.
However, The Weeknd shows that he has grown since those albums and he is now a different mix of who he used to be.
My Dear Melancholy is also a clear look into his love life, exposing his emotions about the Selena Gomez break-up and regrets about his relationship with Bella Hadid as well.
This EP gives us a clear, vivid meaning of love defined by Tesfaye, in what he was willing to sacrifice for both former significant others.
He felt betrayal from both women who broke his heart. The album specifically targets Gomez who rekindled her love affair with Justin Bieber immediately after her break up with The Weeknd.
Tesfaye drops the hints of the heartthrob he’d gone through with both women, but what stands out is his song “Hurt You” which consists of him apologizing to both girls for moving on, or trying to look like he’s moved on so quickly, even though they both did the same to him.
This EP is a look at his soft side, his most vulnerable side: his love life. This is a genuine release of pain that he’s endured.
Instead of masking it with drugs, women and expensive materials, he’s using his talents to express himself.

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The Weeknd releases new EP following breakup