Making Ice Cream at Nicecream

Katie Pope, Weekend Editor

If you are craving a sweet, refreshing treat not too far away, Nicecream is that perfect place to go. Sure, you could go to Baskin Robbins or the grocery store and pick out the normal, same old typical flavors of ice cream. But why spend your money on boring old ice cream when you can treat yourself to something special at Old Town, Alexandria that is handmade from a local shop called Nicecream?

Senior Rebecca Tecle makes ice cream at Nicecream with the KitchenAid mixers and liquid nitrogen.

They make the ice cream right in front of you… with liquid nitrogen. As you explore the cute little town of Alexandria, make sure you stop at 726 King Street and treat yourself.

As you decide what you want to order, employees like senior Rebecca Tecle dumps the ingredients into one of the multiple KitchenAid mixers on the counter, and then adds liquid nitrogen to solidify the mixture, resulting in ice cream. Nicecream’s ice cream is unique “because it just tastes better than other ice cream shops and I really like the consistency and it’s creamier and fun. Plus I like how they make the ice cream,” Tecle said.

Nicecream has a complex process of making the ice cream. The ice cream is made by a milk, cream, and sugar base and depending on the flavor. “For one of our more popular flavors, honey lavender, we pour the base in and take a teaspoon of lavender and squeeze a bottle of honey for two seconds. Then we pour in the liquid nitrogen and it goes from liquid to solid,” Tecle said.

However, the flavors available in the shop vary day to day because they rotate the flavors. “My favorite flavor is definitely caramel latte because I love caramel and I love coffee and they put them together to make a really delicious flavor,” Tecle said. She highly recommends going to Nicecream due to its unique flavors, creamy textures, and high quality ice cream.

A 3 ounce small sized cup costs $4.99 while a regular 5 ounce cup cost $5.99. “The price may be a lot, but you know what the ingredients are and it’s being made right in front of you so there are n secrets about what’s in it. Also, it’s just a fun place to go,” Tecle said.