Washington clashes over Kavanaugh

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should be appointed to fill the bench


Elias Moura and Eman Jaradat

When people mention President Trump’s most recent Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, there is a lot to discuss. Kavanaugh’s perspectives on issues, his past, his sexual assault allegations and so on.

Judge Kavanaugh’s perspectives on controversial issues convey his support for the conservative legal movement. It’s funny that this scandal just so happens to pop up just as President Trump’s heavily conservative appointee is being voted on. The Democrats are using Dr. Christine Ford as an excuse to postpone the vote past the midterms.

When asked about details, Dr. Ford replied indecisively, saying she doesn’t remember much details of that day, which is weird considering it’s such a life changing, traumatizing experience. Swearing under oath, witnesses Dr. Ford provided came out saying that they don’t recall any of this.

Regarding a case in the fall 2017 where an undocumented 17 year old in immigration detention sought an immediate abortion, Judge Kavanaugh disagreed with the majority opinion, saying they wrongfully created “a new right for unlawful immigrant minors in U.S. government detention to obtain immediate abortion on demand.”

Senate leader Mitch McConnell announced that he is invoking closure so the democrats cannot filibuster the Kavanaugh nominee, meaning the vote will take place on Oct 6. “I’m filing closure on Judge Brett Kavanaugh nomination this evening so the process can move forward,” said Senator McConnell. And the process should move forward because shocker, nothing has been found.

Despite all this, democrats like Senator Dianne Feinstein, seeing the results and calling their beloved investigation wrong. They mention people not being interviewed during the investigation, and that is because they could provide no corroborating evidence. Both sides are trying to convince undecided senators.

Starting in late July and continuing over six weeks till the midterms, there is no excuse that this scandal is where it’s at. This has been the seventh background investigation which is the last edition to what is the most comprehensive review of a Supreme Court nominee in history. This includes extensive hearings, multiple committee interviews, over 1200 words, and half a million pages of documents. The Senators had a 51-49 vote to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination to the final floor vote on Oct 5. Key players in the vote were Senators Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, and Joe Manchin who all voted to advance Kavanaugh. At the time of publication, the final floor vote has not happened yet.

Republicans are urging each other to confirm Kavanaugh, especially due to the fact that President Trump ordered the FBI’s investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh.
The FBI investigation found that there were many inconsistencies with the witnesses’ stories, and may be inconclusive. No evidence was found to conclude a sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh.
People view this case as a man getting accused of sexually assaulting a girl after 36 years and democrats trying to run him down. And now we have the media trying to latch on to every rumor trying to diminish Kavanaugh’s chances of getting appointed. You accuse a guy of gang rape, and you rummage through his yearbook and agenda and your big argument now is that he “lied in his yearbook.” That all seems like they’re using every excuse and every rumor to get Kavanaugh.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, was infuriated with Kavanaugh’s testimony, saying, “Boy y’all want power, God I hope you never get it, I hope the American people can see through this sham… To my Republican colleagues, if you vote no, you are legitimizing the most despicable thing I’ve ever seen in my time in politics.”

One woman, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford claims that she is “100 percent” sure that Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her when they were in high school.
On Sept 27. Dr. Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee for around four hours. Dr. Ford gave a very emotional testimony, as she depicted the allegation, and conveyed how it affected her life afterwards. Dr. Ford, who was 15 at the time, continued, stating that Kavanaugh, 17, pushed her into a bedroom, pinned her to the bed, and attempted to remove her clothing. Shortly after, Rachel Mitchell, a veteran prosecutor, highlighted apparent memory gaps in Dr. Ford’s testimony. Additionally, considering the fact that the alleged assault happened 36 years ago, Dr. Ford’s memory could have been selective or skewed.

From issues like abortion and gun rights to business regulations, Kavanaugh has been known to stress textual limitations, favor the government over those alleging right violations, and supports corporations over regulators. The cases that Judge Kavanaugh has been apart of gives us a glimpse of how he would act as a Supreme Court Justice, that is if he gets approved.

Julie Swetnick accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct while at parties when he was in high school; however, there is insufficient evidence to support her claims. There’s a trend here with no evidence and yet people are still believing the accuser.

Judge Kavanaugh denies all allegations of sexual assault, saying he has “never sexually assaulted anyone.”
On Sept 28. Judge Brett Kavanaugh gave his testimony, challenging all the sexual misconduct allegations against him. The Senate, which has 51 Republicans and 49 Democrats, is having trouble deciding the fate of Judge Kavanaugh.

Many senators believe that both the testimony of Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh were both emotional and contradictory.
The White House and the Senate majority leader’s team, rightfully so, is extremely confident that the Senate will vote to appoint Judge Kavanaugh.