Six Flags’ Fright Fest: fearful, fun, and festive

Katie Pope, Weekend editor

Rides, roller coasters, and food stands are mainly what venturesome people at Six Flags go for, but do you know what else is at Six Flags? Fright fest. Are you courageous and daring enough to take on the clowns, monsters, and screams?

At Six Flags’ fright fest, scary masked monsters come out of hiding and terrorize innocent by-passers.

“My favorite part was when I yelled at the people that were trying to scare me,” senior Han Gyul Chang said.

Seniors Jocelyn Castellon and Han Gyul Chang pose in front of a prop during Fright Fest of last year at Six Flags.

Zombies and ghosts come out and commandeer the park, keeping everyone on high alert and on their toes. Be prepared to get scared to death at any twist and turn.

“Fog was released in the air and it made the atmosphere feel very scary,” Chang said. “We kind of had to look out for who was going to scare you. We could have fun, but at the same time we were on edge in case someone jumped out at us.”

In addition to hair-raising monsters and mystical fog, fright fest adds to the regular fun of Six Flags with haunted houses, scare zones, and spooky shows. Haunted attractions include the Haunting of Hall Manor where the goal is to find a spirit named Eleanor before she finds you. Another is Twisted Fairy Tales 3D Haunted House where the characters from childhood stories come to life… and not in a happily ever after way. The Carn-evil scare zone is one blood-curdling experience with clowns surrounding anyone who enters the tent. One of the best spooky shows offered is The Awakening, when the horrifying, spine chilling demons decide to come out and take over in the dark of night.

The park is decked with Halloween decorations, making it a guarantee to feel frightened while wandering around the park.

“A lot of people wear costumes and there were some pretty impressive ones,” said senior Nicholas Noaranbrock.

Throughout the day, people show up in gruesome costumes, such as Pennywise or a mentally insane killer. All of the deco

r and Halloween vibes gives Six Flags another layer of entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

“Fright fest added to the already fun experience of Six Flags because it made every minute fun, not just the time on roller coasters,” said Noaranbrock.

Experience everything fright fest has to offer after noon on the weekends and after 5:00 on Fridays until Oct. 28. Costs are cheap right now during the fright sale with 4+ season passes for only $54.99.

A few of the perks include free parking for 2018 and 2019, free visits for the rest of 2018, and 70% off regular priced tickets. Another cheap option during the fright sale is a gold plus membership for $5.99 per month offering a free three months of membership, some benefits of a seasons pass, up to 65% off the season price, new rewards program exclusively for members, and save up to 50% on almost everything for every visit.

The nearest Six Flags to Virginia is only 30 minutes away from Alexandria, VA at 13710 Central Avenue, Bowie/ Mitchellville, MD 20721.