TV show “Haunted” leaves viewers spooked


Dilan Yousif, Staff Writer

Netflix is bringing us spooky content just in time for Halloween season. The new reality T.V. docu-series Haunted was released on Oct. 10 on Netflix. With only six episodes, Haunted was trending on Netflix for one week.

Each episode consists of real people sitting down with their friends and family to share their unique, real and terrifying paranormal experiences. Reenactments by actors are provided for each story as well, which makes the show much more enjoyable. Essentially there are various kinds of supernatural encounters that happened to each person.

Critics say Haunted makes you feel many different emotions. Some say you’ll feel simultaneously sad for the subjects. Others believe you’ll be freaked out about the universe, or just skeptical of this entire series as is. Overall, Haunted is a good show and is surging in popularity with viewers.

Something about hearing real terrifying stories about paranormal experiences from real people makes shows much more intriguing to watch. However, some viewers are skeptical about whether the stories are true or not. For example, the second episode is about two sisters, Terrilyn and Sadie, who tell the story of the Slaughterhouse, the name of their childhood home. According to the sisters, their father was a serial killer. He lured in lonely travelers at night and brutally murdered them.

“It just makes me think, if there was really a serial killer in the 70’s, how did no one know about this case?” sophomore Cindy Ulloa said.

That unbelievable episode in particular left many skeptical about the rest of the stories.

“Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the show and I would definitely recommend watching it,” Ulloa said, “It’s just i’m a little confused as to how this case is not known or investigated.”