YouTube Rewind 2018 becomes most disliked video


Dilan Yousif, Staff Writer

Every year YouTube releases a video called the “YouTube Rewind”. YouTube Rewind is a recap of the year’s viral videos, trends, music, etc. In each video there are a number of YouTube personalities that are featured.

YouTube released “YouTube Rewind 2018” recently which featured more than 100 YouTube stars and celebrities. But in the course of six days “YouTube Rewind 2018” became the most disliked video in YouTube history, beating “Baby” by Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris . Currently, the video has 2.3 million likes and approximately 13 million dislikes.

Viewers expected for there to be more relevant YouTubers, music, and trends for that specific year given the purpose of the video is to give a recap of the most popular occurrences from the year. Unfortunately, many people believe that YouTube failed that intention, which is the reason why the video did so poorly.

“I didn’t even recognize most of the YouTubers in the video,” sophomore Elsa Amurrio-Moya said, “They should have included YouTubers that were the most relevant this year but instead they included people that I don’t even know. I could name so many that should have been included but weren’t.”

The absence of YouTube’s most popular creators, such as David Dobrik, Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg, and Shane Dawson caused for viewers to be most disappointed. The Paul brothers, Jake and Logan Paul were also notable absentees from the video. Earlier this year, Logan Paul created so much controversy for filming a suicide victim in Japan. The live boxing match between Jake Paul and his YouTube rival KSI was popular and got millions of views as well. Yet neither of these YouTubers were included.

“I think they weren’t included because those videos didn’t exactly look good for YouTube,” sophomore Davis Hernandez said. “I think YouTube chose the people that they did for the video only because they wanted to hide it’s ‘uglier’ side.”

Viewers posted their comments and complaints about the video. One viewer said, “Every year YouTube just keeps getting disconnected from its content creators.” Another viewer said: “How can you be so out of touch with your audience?”

In the future, YouTube could move back to the more traditional rewind videos amidst the backlash they received with the release of this one.