Pro/Con: How is technology affecting society?

Elias Moura and Luke Elkins

Technology has bettered society
Technology has evolved since the beginning of time to better human life. Through the 20th and 21st century, technology has evolved in an exponential rate.
In no way has the problems of technology outweighed the benefits of it. It has helped humanity become closer and more aware of other nations. This connection of the world has benefited nations’ economies and trade.

Transportation and travel convenience has become better. Safety with planes and cars are saving many lives. New sport cars, heavy trucks, and work vehicles help the work force.
In the medical field, many vaccines have been created to combat deadly diseases, which obviously saves lives.

Technology has helped the human race understand man things from the smallest of cells to the largest of galaxies. Probably the biggest effect people think of when mentioning technology is social media and the internet. The internet has positive and negative effects on the world. The easily accessible, abundant amount of information has made finding information much easier. Social media has changed countless lives from making money to plain entertainment.

To use the mentioned social media and internet, computers and cell phones had come a long way. All these improve communications which benefits everything from businesses, to separated families, and safety.

The technological change may be seen as “robots taking over jobs,” however, on the contrary it’s actually creating more job opportunities and strengthening the economy.
The entertainment industry has boomed in all areas from Hollywood and movies, to video games and music, and to toys and sports.
When thinking about the effect of technology, looking back a hundred years or so shows the standard of living in society. It shows how far of a human race we have come and how much easier we have it now.

Technology has created problems
Technology in a way is beneficial towards our society, however it is causing more harm the more we evolve.

The first obvious reason is climate change. Pursing new technologies means we need to produce those technologies. This means all the factories are causing green house gases and are diminishing the earth’s environment. Fossil fuels and toxic fumes are released as a result of energy and forests are being destroyed. Destructive weapons and weapons of mass destruction have been created by increasing military technologies.

Social isolation is becoming more and more of a problem due to hand held devices. People are learning to walk, drive, and do other things while texting which is dangerous for them. Social skills have declined as a result of increased texting which is a shame in today’s society.

Health problems such as obesity and depression are becoming more common. Obesity is due to sitting on computers and video games for hours at a time. Now for convenience, people decide to take the bus or drive instead of walk or bike. More and more kids are inside playing on their Playstation instead of going outside.

This goes into depression which goes into social isolation. The lack of human contact can lead to depression, which it already has for millions of people. Studies show that technology makes some of its users addicted to it. People can get restless and not feel the same when their cell phones are taken away from them.

Privacy is no more with technology. Facebook, Instagram, and Google gather more and more information every day. Fake news and numerous threats are online and people must watch out for it. Technology is something that needs to be watched out and monitored.