New Binge-Worth Netflix Show: “The Order”

Dilan Yousif, Staff Writer

New binge worthy Netflix original show, “The Order”, was released on March 7. The show, which features actor Jake Manley (as Jack Morton) and actress Sarah Grey (as Alyssa Drake), is more of a supernatural show that is very similar to “The Magicians” and “The Vampire Diaries”. However, the revelation of witches versus werewolves premise doesn’t actually show up until the third episode. Before the third episode, it deals a little more with college campus drama more than anything else.

The show starts off with Jack Morton (Jake Manley) getting accepted into Belgrave University as a freshman. The fact that Jake and his grandfather, Mat Frewer, were really pushing for Jake to get into Belgrave makes viewers think whether they have an ulterior motive, which viewers must figure out on their own from unfolding events. On his first day on campus, Jack meets Alyssa and the intention to establish the campus atmosphere explains the reason for the quick chemistry that forms between Jack and sophomore college tour guide Alyssa Drake (Sarah Grey).

Freshman Jack Morton seems to be obsessing over getting into a secret society called “The Order” for reasons that are yet to be revealed to viewers. Jack is finally initiated into “The Order” by a blue rose magically appearing to the potential Neophyte, which in this case is Jack. He later comes to realize that those who were already established in The Order, such as chancellor Vera Stone (Katharine Isabelle) and the higher level students like Alyssa, hide their identities with the use of robes and masks. Throughout the show viewers realize that the initial conflict is that the Neophytes are supposedly being killed by werewolves. It is revealed that Jack’s place in The Order has a lot to do with the mission imposed upon him by Grandpa Pete, but it becomes so much more than that later on when he finds himself involved in much more than he could have imagined.

The series ends with a major cliffhanger, which is why viewers are most likely hoping for the series to be renewed for a second season. However, Netflix has yet to announce a renewal for the series, but after the season one finale cliffhanger, fans are definitely anticipating it.