Teachers’ pay should reflect their hard work

Aminata Dia, Staff Writer

Teachers work hard in order to help students succeed. Day in and day out, they deal with difficult kids and working long hours.

They do all of this so that they can give students the education that they deserve. Teachers take the time to plan fun and informative material. That is why they deserve to be compensated fairly. Teachers’ salaries need to reflect all their hard work.

One thing to consider is that fact that the pay teachers receive is way under the national average from people that have the same education but went into a different career.

Most people who have a Master’s degree earn roughly $80,000 a year. However, teachers who have a masters degree only make a mere $60,000 a year. In fact, some teachers are not only dissatisfied with their pay. Studies show that some even say that they would leave teaching as soon as possible if they could find a better-paying job.

Along with high dissatisfaction rates, fewer young people are showing interest in the teaching profession. Despite a slight growth in the 2015-16 school year, enrollment in teacher preparation programs is still substantially less than it was 25 years ago.

This shows how low teacher pay is causing a disinterest in the profession, which is leading to a shortage in the number of teachers.

Another thing to consider is that Fairfax County is an expensive area to live in. Taxes, insurance, bills, and housing takes a chunk of money out of anyone living in the Fairfax area. This makes it extremely unsurprising that 18% of all teachers in America work a second job.

According to the Adopted Budget Overview of 2019, a person who earns $40,000 salary rarely leaves any money in savings. That person would not have a small amount of money left in their bank account.

No one should have these types of issues if they paid the expensive fee of college and have earned a degree.
In all, teachers all over America are not satisfied with their salaries.

Teachers have a high level of education, and the amount of work they put in does not deserve anything less than what a doctor makes. Educating the next generation is one of the most important jobs out there. Teachers do so much for our society and they must be paid properly.