Black Friday brings joy

Targets Black Friday deals preview.

Target’s Black Friday deals preview.

In a few short weeks, stores around the country will begin to fill up with deals and shoppers. Black Friday is a shopper’s holiday where consumers rush to stores to purchase goods at a lower price than normal. The attraction to the sales the stores have is  giving people a chance to not only buy gifts for others, but also to treat themselves.  

Vast amounts of money are saved over Black Friday and the weeks after. More stores are opening earlier on Thanksgiving, granting shoppers more time to buy items. Stores like Target are opening at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving day and closing at 3 a.m., to give workers in the store time to restock on their products.

Going shopping on Black Friday gives you the advantage of trying your items out and seeing them up close. This way, consumers know what they are getting. 

Black Friday can create memories of when you got that cool new iPhone or when you and your mom went shopping together after eating Thanksgiving dinner. AHS students reflect on their time going Black Friday shopping in the past.  

“Last year, I went to Tysons Corner with my cousins,” freshman Santana Florero said, “The mall was packed, so my cousins and I were trying to get to every store as quickly as possible. We went into American Eagle, Bose, Forever 21, Garage and many more. We were at the mall for what felt like forever but was only a couple of hours. My cousins and I went home with a ton of Christmas presents, and items for ourselves as well.” 

Freshman Hamza Hussen shares similar positive feelings about Black Friday.

“On Black Friday last year, my sister and I rushed over to Costco because I was going to get a new TV,” Hussen said, “We went into the electronics section of the store for my TV and my sister’s computer and I remember how packed the store. I just had a lot of fun with my sister that night because after I got my TV we got to go home and use it together.”

There is no denying that Black Friday helps a lot of people save money and get a start on their holiday shopping.