KSI and Logan at it one more time



As of now, it has been over a full year since the first clash of two iconic YouTubers in one of the biggest events in internet history.

The first fight between YouTube sensations Logan Paul and KSI took place in August of 2018.

However, both sides left rather unsatisfied with the ending to the fight, as it was ruled a 57-57 draw.

KSI and Paul went to the ring on Nov. 09, to conclude this long time beef.

The conflict started when KSI called out Logan Paul after he fought Joe Weller, another YouTuber.

“Logan Paul is really annoying and KSI is one of my favorite youtubers,” junior Nalin Rawat said. “I was excited to see KSI land some punches.”

Olajide “JJ” Olatunji, also known as KSI, is known for his vlogs and entertainment videos with his group of “Sidemen.” He has 20.7 million subscribers on YouTube and releases music, his last release being “Down Like That” with Rick Ross and Lil Baby.

On the other hand, Paul has 20 million subscribers on YouTube and, like KSI, posts vlogs and other challenge videos.

Both KSI and Paul took their training up to the fight seriously and hired well known trainers to get them the best shot at winning the title during the “internet’s greatest event.”

KSI’s corner features Stitch Duran as the cutman, who is well known and has appeared in the Creed movies.

He had Leon Wills as his trainer, Viddal Riley as his head coach, and Jeff Mayweather as team advisor.

Paul’s corner looked very different in terms of the amount of well known fighters. The only big name associated with Paul in the fight was Shannon Briggs, a two time heavyweight championship holder.

“Logan Paul did get points deducted but also KSI was never awarded points for his knockdown, so there is controversy on both sides.”

However, due to Briggs’s aggression and violence past with Riley’s cousin, he was ineligible to be present at Logan’s corner during the fight.

The initial 2018 fight took place in KSI’s home country of England, in the Manchester area.

This time around, the rematch took place in Los Angeles, specifically in the Staples Center.

That was not the only difference in the match.

In the first fight, they used 12 oz. gloves and headgear, but this time they used 10 oz. gloves and no headgear.

This means that the rematch counted as a professional boxing match.

The build up to the event happened through two press conferences, one in the U.K. and one in the U.S. There was also a public workout in LA.

KSI was believed to be the underdog since the beginning because of Logan’s height and weight advantages.

In the weigh in that was held the day before the fight ,Paul weighed 199.4 lb., while KSI weighed at 193.2 lb.

Overall, the whole match looked like a standoff that might have resulted in yet another draw.

Neither Paul nor KSI seemed to gain an obvious upper hand that would result in a victory.

In the end though, KSI claimed victory over Paul by split decision.

Two judges scored it 57-54 and 56-55 for KSI and the other judge scored it 56-55 Paul, squeezing KSI past Paul for the win.

“The fight seemed pointless I do not think it was worth paying to watch both Youtubers still could not box,” junior Fernando Machado said.

Nevertheless, it was a fight for the ages that popularized two conflicting internet sensations in a fight that will go down yet again as one of the greatest events in internet history.