Students find their stride with distance learning

The start of the virtual school year required students to get used to learning at home. Students are very familiar with their homes, but learning from home is anything but that.

After surviving the first four weeks of school, some students have found success while others struggle keeping up with assignments, staying organized and staying focused while facing distractions from home.

With all the open computer tabs and Google Slides, it may be hard for students to keep track of virtual assignments. Sophomore Amanda Salisbury explains how she has been finding success staying on top of assignments.

“I have been writing down my work that is due in a planner and also been checking if I have any new assignments,” Salisbury said. AHS usually provides students with planners but with things being virtual this year, that has changed.

Students need to keep track of seven classes during the school week, so it is not uncommon to face disorganization especially now that there is not a physical teacher there to keep each student on top of their work.

Junior Anna Delaney was confronted with this problem but found an easy solution that worked for her. “I keep all my school work in the same room so that I do not lose track of it or misplace anything,” Delaney said. While this is effective for some, others share their work spaces with other people taking part in virtual learning which can get challenging.

Many are unsure of what learning may look like in the coming months but being virtual comes with several distractions. Junior Jonny Jaldin has been staying focussed and distraction-free by thinking ahead.

“I keep myself focused by keeping my phone away from me and using my school computer so I can’t play games on it,” Jaldin said.

Previously, school computers had access to gaming websites and streaming services. With those being blocked from all school computers, it helps take away from the temptation to turn on your favorite Netflix show while signed on to a class.

Students and staff are still finding ways to make virtual learning comfortable for them in their own ways. This is something that we will all get used to and overcome with time and patience. Students are hopeful to see schools opening in the coming months as they believe it will make learning easier.