Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 sparks excitement

This article contains spoilers.

Paging all Grey’s Anatomy stans. After bringing production to a halt because of concerns about the spread of the pandemic, the longest-running medical drama series in television history is finally back. Season 17 episodes one and two both premiered on November 12th on ABC.

As many current shows had stopped production, students resorted to passing time by watching Netflix more than usual during quarantine. Many students were hyped up and excited for shows to finally come back.

“I started watching Grey’s Anatomy in the beginning of quarantine and I got hooked,” freshman Emily Davis said. “I’ve been waiting for season 17 ever since I binge-watched the rest of the show.”

This season, many fans are excited considering that the show is revolving around the ongoing pandemic-Covid-19. Because most people are at home, it is difficult to know how bad the pandemic really is.

“It’s nice how these episodes shined some light on how hard medical professionals are truly working during the pandemic,” sophomore Nathan Reed said. “It even showed us a side of the pandemic that most people aren’t used to seeing.”

Throughout the premiere, we saw the lack of medical supplies, death caused by parties, and especially the stress and agony medical workers go through during the pandemic.

In addition, many people have been hoping for the return of many characters such as Derek Shepherd, Lexie Grey, Christina Yang and more.

The premiere has had people going through a roller coaster of emotions from cringing to being speechless and tearing up.

“My jaw dropped at the end,” Davis said. “Seeing McDreamy [also known as Derek Shepherd] come back made me so excited to see the next episode.”

This premiere has left many fans speculating on what’s going to happen next as episode two ended with a cliffhanger of Meredith Grey falling on the pavement and not waking up as she saw visions of Derek.

“I’m predicting that Meredith got coronavirus because she looked really tiresome throughout most of the episodes,” junior Joey Tran said. “It also looked like she was clutching her chest.”

It’s safe to say that the season 17 premiere was a success and has left viewers on the edge of their seats wanting more.