The Mandalorian kicks off new season


Mandalorian was an instant fan favorite when it was released in late 2019 leaving fans of the show wanting more.
Despite the ongoing public health crisis, the Star Wars TV show created by Jon Favreau finished filming before everything shut down earlier this year. On October 30, Lucasfilm released the second season of the star wars based show, The Mandolorian on the exclusive streaming platform Disney+. Lucasfilm and Disney+ release the episodes every Friday, leaving us wanting more and consistently ending each episode on a cliffhanger.

As of now, there are only two episodes that have been released for the sophomore season of the show. In those episodes, we learn a great deal about The Mandalorian intentions as of now which seems to be to find another one of his kind. As he was told if he can find another Mandalorian then they can locate the Jedi and return Baby Yoda to them as his quest has instructed him to.

The latest episode, called “Chapter 10: The Passenger,” debuted on Disney+ on Friday where some fans’ perspectives on Baby Yoda changed as they thought the cute little green character could do no wrong.

But that appears to be not true when The Mandolorian strikes a deal with a Frog Lady that if he transports he and her babies to a nearby planet in the outer rim to meet back up with her husband. She will tell him where she knows of a Mandalorian that is still alive.

But throughout their travels, Baby Yoda raised most eyebrows as he attempted to single-handedly kill off the last of the Frog Lady’s species to fulfill his hunger.

“So far I’d say I’ve liked the new season,” sophomore Marcelo Pozo said. “I like the plot, how The Mandolorian has to travel the galaxy and try to find another one of his kind. I do hope though that he doesn’t find another Mandalorian at the end of the season. Not only do I not want to wait that long, but also I want them to interact with each other and maybe they both go looking for the Jedi.”

The Mandolorian and the Frog Lady have to venture to the moon of Trask where her husband has risked his life to find the only habitable planet for their species. But she needs to get there without going into hyperspace because doing so will kill her eggs, so they are taking a slow sublight journey.

On their way to the moon of Trask, they’re pulled over by what is effectively a pair of New Republic traffic officers.
We know that The Mandalorian isn’t doing anything wrong here.

Transporting a struggling single mother to reunite her with her husband to save the last of their species surely is not a crime. But unfortunately for The Mandalorian, the New Republic officers don’t know any of that.

“I enjoy how dramatic the show is, how I never know what is going to come next,” sophomore Omer Mohammed said. “I also really like how long the episodes are, each episode is around 45 minutes to an hour. When Baby Yoda was eating the Fog Lady’s eggs I couldn’t believe it, because those are her babies that he just kept eating and eating them. I just can’t wait to see how they incorporate the Jedi, also which Jedi they use as it will be ones from the movies or will they introduce a new Jedi.”

The next episode will be released on Nov. 13, and we will hopefully be given more information about The Mandolorian and his journey across the galaxy to deliver Baby Yoda.