ACDC comes out with new album

ACDC comes out with new album

Renowned Australian rock band AC/DC makes a comeback after releasing their latest single Shot in the Dark.
The single teases the band’s upcoming album Power Up that is yet to be released internationally. The album retains only the contributions of some sole members of AC/DC since their lineup in their hit album Back in Black (1980) which just celebrated its 40th anniversary this July.

All original members of the band are credited with the exception of rhythm guitarist and founding member, Malcolm Young, who passed away in 2017. Though lead vocalist Brian Johnson, drummer Phil Rudd, and bassist Cliff Williams were to retire, they would reunite at Young’s funeral to reiterate the band and produce the new album.

Frontman and lead guitarist Angus Young is credited in the album, as well as Malcolm Young’s son, Stevie Young.
“Shot in the Dark” is a well-written tribute to the classic sound of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s hard rock genre.

However, the album lacks a distinguishable contrast to most of AC/DC’s work since the late Twentieth Century.
Audiences find the band’s tone to be expected yet respect the album’s classic structure.

The song begins with a somewhat catchy riff comparable to that of “Thunderstruck” of AC/DC’s Razor’s Edge (1990). Brian Johnson’s vocals are strong and withhold his iconic almost screeching technique.

Angus Young features his signature solo as the song closes, staying true to his habits and essence as a guitarist.
The single delivers a strong rhythm and power seen in AC/DC since its establishment. After 47 years AC/DC remains strong and ready to reunite with millions of fans across the globe.

Even though the age of classic rock gradually coming to an end, “Shot in the Dark and Power Up” stay true to the elements and the original formula of the Australian band and kicks off what is sure to be a great album.
The new album dropped Fri. Nov. 13 and included 12 songs to mark the 17th studio album for the band.