Disney releases new upcoming titles for Disney+


Disney+ released several titles in December that are set to come out throughout this year and 2022 We got the first taste of a new Disney+ show, WandaVision (see the main article) which has been successful so far. Although WandaVision was a big hit, the dump of new shows and movies seems like a 50/50.

Some of the new content seems far-fetched and ridiculous. A prequel to Beauty and the Beast, a TV show based off “The Sandlot,” a TV show for “Zootopia,”shows based around Disney Princesses, Tiana and Moana, a new Mighty Ducks, a new “Cars” TV series, a new Aladdin spin-off, a live-action Pinnochio, another Peter Pan movie, and a list of unnecessary Star Wars show all seem either unnecessary or just white noise. The other problem also is that I only listed maybe half of the new teased shows without including Marvel. Star Wars will have shows based on the Mandalorian, past characters or events that were minuscule and just seem like tools to make another million dollars off the beloved movie series.

Marvel is releasing a bunch of content that plays the guessing game. They even have a show that will be based around how different events would’ve ended up had they gone a different way. Which is lazy creativity, just to rewrite stuff that didn’t need to be re-written is completely unnecessary and boring.

They’re also releasing a new tv show based around the character Loki, which may as well be described as a way to get back their teenage girl viewers. Although WandaVision has started out promising, it begs the question if Marvel should take a step back and say they’ve done everything they can with the Avengers.

“I am excited about the new Loki series,” said junior Madeline Dosen. “I am a huge Marvel fan and I think that Loki is one of the coolest characters in the MCU. It will be interesting to see what happened to him and what his storyline will be.”

As far as good things, the new Pixar shows based around Monsters Inc. and Dug from Up seem nice and classic for something Pixar has done very well at. Pixar is finally exploring the TV show era.

Disney+ will release the shows within the next two years. Fans can only hope there are a lot more hits than misses.