Hip Hop Majorettes gain notice

Wenslie T. Kodua, Staff Writer

Hip Hop majorettes are typically a group of all African American females groups from the Southern states. The groups refer to themselves as majorettes, and battle or compete with other groups in majorette tours.

Majorette is a form of dance that incorporates hip-hop, ballet, jazz, and a mixture of lyrical dance all together. It’s high energy, high paced. It’s fun, energetic, and it’s entertaining,” coach Diana Williams said

The style of dance is used by many men and women, regardless of sexuality, throughout the South. Among their show style there are major terms in majorette that stand out.

A stand battle is when two teams take the dance floor at the same time. They take turns throwing eight counts back and forth until the judges declare a winner. An eight count is known as a stand.

Bucking is performed by some majorette groups, which consists of performing rhythmic pelvic thrusts as part of a dance routine. These are only a few of the many expressions used in majorette.

Field shows are similar to something you would see at an HBCU football game half-time. Many styles include majorette, which are upbeat and fast paced. Some include multiple genres of dance such as jazz, lyrical, modern, etc.

When it comes to battles there are different and multiple kinds including captains, parents and even coaches who go head to head. The coaches go head to head trying to out dance each other out. Each coach receives 1 or 2 rounds to a slow, medium or fast song.

This also applies to any captains participating. When the parents participate their main focus is to perform for the entertainment of the audience. Routines of any sort should be appropriate family viewing as well as costumes, choreography and music.