Best and Worst Dressed at the 2019 Golden Globes

Jasmin Harris, Staff Writer

The 2019 Golden Globes awards was shown on Jan. 7, on the same day Youtuber Denzel Dion announced his opinion of the best and the worst dressed in the event. Dion has been doing series of best and worst dressed for every event and category, including other youtubers.

The first person Denzel Dion named the best dressed female in the Golden globes was Lady Gaga, and most people that watched the Golden Globes agreed. The dress Gaga wore has left Dion speechless.

“For the best dress of the Golden Globes 2019, I, Denzel Dion declare the best is.. Lady Gaga. Period. The train (referring to the length of the dress), the color,” Dion pauses, “Oh! Lady Gaga!”

Then Dion named the best dressed male in the Golden Globes. Which he stated to be Timothee Chalamet. Earlier in the video, Dion describes Chalamet’s clothes head to toe. Denzel was out of words for his attire as well.

“Next we have Timothee Chalamet, and my god..” Dion puts down his phone and clasps his hands together, “I’m done. How? Who? What? When? Look at this!– Y’all know I love my harness, y’all know I love adding things to stuff,”

Dion references Timothee’s shimmer harness he wears with his outfit.

“This is.. Wow! He gave you all black, but no the harness wasn’t just black, it was black with shimmer! It was glittery okay? He gave you glitter, gave you shimmer, and gave you sparkle–He never seems to fail! It’s only up from here! Period!”

“But Timothee is right there though, okay? The best dressed male is Timothee, period.”

After Denzel Dion announces the best dressed male and female, Dion announced the worst.

“And now the worst dressed..” Dion lowers his voice and head in disappointment, “There was so many interesting looks, but it pains me, it pains my heart and soul to say this but it’s Lucy Liu.”

Denzel Dion addresses his love for Liu earlier in the video as well. He has a strong love for Lucy, however a strong dislike for her dress in the Golden Globes.

“Lucy Liu, Lucy why? — Lucy, what? Lucy how?! How did you let this happen?” Raising his voice, Dion’s rant about the worst dressed, with the worst dressed being Lucy Liu.

With 200k views on Dion’s video, disagreements about Denzel Dion’s opinion will be likely.