Senior Superlative Results

David Solomon, Staff Writer

The polls are now closed and now the votes are in for the 2019 Superlatives.

The senior superlatives winners of the Best hair, Class clown, Most Athletic, School Spirit, Most Talented, Most likely to succeed, Best glow up, and Worst Case of senioritis have been determined

The winners are as follows:

Best Hair: Sesina Beyene and Abu Elsadeg .

Class Clown: Isatu Kargbo and Idris Dahir

Most Athletic: Anissa Chiekh and Alex Bellem

Most School Spirited: Ruth Seyoum and Hangyul Chang

Most Talented: Kora Coker and Javonte Durr-Cannon

Most Likely to Succeed: Abbey Yared and Ephrata Yohanes

Worst Case of Senioritis: Matt Dinh and Abbey Reynolds

Best Glow-Up: Hemen Besufekad and Zuhair Rahman

“It’s an honor to win best hair,” senior Abu El-Sadeg said. “ I get up at 5:30 just get my hair ready for school everyday and to finally get my hard work recognized by my peers makes all those countless of hours in front of the mirror at the break of dawn worth it.”