Senior yearbook quote opportunity available

David Solomon, Staff Writer

The second quarter is rapidly coming to an end and the third quarter is quickly approaching. For some of the students it’s just another quarter, for the senior class it will be their last semester in high school which means an increase in the infamous “senioritis.”

It also that time of year for seniors to add their senior quote to the yearbook. It was initially $5 for a senior quote to be added to the yearbook. Now, the price has been lowered to free of cost. The senior quotes are now free to all seniors to submit them by Friday.

The requirements to submit a senior quote are as follows: the maximum word count for a senior quote is 140 words and it must meet the student SR&R rules and regulation. Therefore, nothing vulgar or anything profound can be submitted in.

Seniors should consider turning in a senior quote because it will be their last chance to leave their final mark on high school forever. To submit a senior quote, students must go to the google form and submit their finalized quote with your senior picture.