Argentina responds to assault of 11-year old girl

Fatima Mohamed, Staff WriterArge

This case was already horrible enough: 11 year old girls, from Argentina was raped and impregnated by her grandmother former boyfriend. This young girl begged her psychologist to take the baby out her, so she wouldn’t have to give birth. Doctors shocked “Lucia” by delivering a baby via cesarean section at 23 weeks old. Doctors say the baby has little chance of surviving.

The uproar by anti-abortion forces in this predominantly Catholic country reignited a debate only six months after the Argentine Senate narrowly rejected a bill to legalize abortion.The girl repeatedly told reporters she informed everyone around her and said quote, “I want you to take this out of my tummy what the old man put there”. After the 11- year old girl was suffering self-inflicted lesions resulting from several suicidal attempts, Lucia was placed in self care.

Abortion in Argentina, which is 70 percent Catholic. The home of the Pope Francis is illegal, expect in cases or rape or danger of the mother health. But Lucia fight went into delays, including a battle rather her mother or grandmother was her legal guardian. At one point her grandmother was stripped from her guardianship, because her being apart of the rapist. By the issue was settled the young girl was already in 23 weeks of her pregnancy.

The state is now responsible for torturing Lucia. That defenseless and innocent human being is whom abortionists managed to pull from its mother’s womb in Tucumán, 24 weeks and premature. Now it lies with tubes attached and in risk of dying when 20 more days could have been allowed to pass to guarantee both lives.