Reasons to not try Stick and Poke


Thonny Anwar, Staff Writer

Skin is a protective layer of the body and a needle repeatedly passing through it can have potential risks. Stick and Poke is a type of tattooing that involves two things, a sharp point and ink.

Stick and Poke tattoos have been getting popular but people don’t see the dangers that come with them.

Any kind of tattoo can cause risk but Stick and Poke tattoos are often more dangerous since many people perform stick and poke tattoos in unhygienic places.

Ink plays a key part in Stick and Poke but the ink can also cause allergic reactions. There is a variety of inks that people buy and they vary with color and brand. Some inks cause allergic reactions because they contain mercury or cadmium.

These tattoos can also cause infections and diseases. An infection it can cause is staph infection which is caused by bacteria commonly found on the skin.

“Stick and Poke tattoos are too much of a risk for me, I rather have a professional who knows what he is doing tattoo me,“ sophomore Holly Tran said.