Students place at Regional Science Fair

Jasmin Harris, Staff Writer

The Science Fair took place recently for Annandale students, and gradually moved up to Regionals. There were 8 projects for the regionals in total, and 4 categories. Four projects in the ‘Physics and Astronomy’ category, two projects in the ‘Environmental Engineering’ category, and one each in categories ‘Energy: Physical’ and ‘Microbiology’.  

Senior Sarah Hawkins won first place for her project, ‘The Effect of Water Absorption on the Distribution of a Bloodstain on a Piece of Cotton Fabric’ in the ‘Physics and Astronomy’ category.

Sophomore Christina Le won second place for her project, ‘Rubber Band Vibrations’ in the ‘Physics and Astronomy’ category as well.

In third place, the winner was the project ‘Cell Phone Radiation’ by Abia Zahir and Julia Ghiselli, and project, ‘Effect of Bridge designs on the weight capacity they can hold’ for both categories, ‘Physics and Astronomy’ and ‘Environmental Engineers’.