Bleeding Violet: Book Review

Wenslie T. Kodua, Staff Writer

“Bleeding Violet” is a novel by Dia Reeves who is considered to write weird books that are hard to classify. She is a detailed writer who draws the reader to read her books.

Hanna is a sixteen old year old girl who arrives in the Texas town of Portero searching for Rosalee, the mother she’s never known. She also runs away from her aunt who is trying to put her in a mental asylum. This due to her mysterious claims of speaking to her deceased father.

When she arrives in the town of Portero she discovers that this town has portals to other worlds.

Hanna meets a boy named Wyatt and helps him defeat a ghoulish creature in this new world such as lures and is welcomed into the, community.

Portero is a strange town and Hana tries to make a place for herself. She met her match when a crazy girl such as her found a crazy town. Hanna tends to have hallucinations of her deceased father and imagines him giving her advice.

Hana was able to find her mother and could not believe how beautiful her mother was, she wanted her mother to love and accept her immediately. Hana’s mother was not pleased to see her because she had struck her aunt Ulla and had stains of blood on her shirt.

This was an argument over Hana going to a mental health facility. Hana fully invites herself to stay in her mother’s home even tho she is not wanted. She made a deal with her mother Rosalee under two conditions, if she wanted to stay she would have to get accustomed to school and the community if this was not met then she had to leave.

Hana is no ordinary girl and found it difficult to pursue this task and yet she was determined. She started school and immediately caught the attention of her fellow classmates, she was compared to a mayfly.

With determination to stay Hana searches for the quickest way to be accepted. She meets Wyatt Ortiga a well know boy in school becomes her target she falls for him and yet also finds him annoying. She pursues Wyatt and yet he is interested in his former girlfriend Petra.

Petra isn’t over Wyatt and even though they are not together she encourages his feelings for her. Hana is quick to discover that Wyatt is and might be just as strange as her. ‘

With this knowledge it meant becoming more involved in Wyatt. Her need for acceptance as well as love from her mother kept her going. With supernatural and natural events surrounding her she strives to figure out what Portero is really about.

With this just being a few passages of the story the rest of the book does nothing but excite the reader. If you prefer books with supernatural event then this is the book you want to read.