Hd Pro Concealer Review

Wenslie T. Kodua, Staff Writer

The Hd pro concealer is known to be a high definition and an opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. It is also known for its long-wearing formula, it hides darkness underneath the eyes as well as the redness.

“I use this product for defining the eyelid while putting vibrant shades Of eye shadow. It creates a clear slate for the top coat of eye shadow. Makes eyeshadows more pigmented when applied on top of it. Yes, I would recommend to a friend” Sophmore Isatu Bangura said.

This product is amazing especially for the price! These concealers are so full Coverage. Not only that, but it is not noticeable when it dries down, it dries down smoothly but it also has this gripping effect.

This Means that when you’re ready to apply your translucent powder/baking powder, it will hold. This is effect is mostly favoured by consumers. It also conceals dark circles and highlights under eyes very nicely.

“I have multiple colors of this concealer as I use it for color correcting. The skin tone shade I have also works so well, I can use it as a light coverage foundation as well. I have medium skin with yellow undertones. There is a small amount of creasing and wear throughout the day, but setting it with banana powder keeps it looking beautiful. I really love this product, it’s the best concealer I’ve used and its great for those on a budget” Sophomore Fauzah Kargbo said.

It is easily accessible and blends pretty well. The use of the orange concealer is to hide dark spots and the tan one to conceal under their brows.

It is a good go to concealer. For such a low price it has great coverage. This is a wonderful concealer to use if you are just starting out doing your makeup, even if you’ve been doing it for a while this product is great.