New bleachers finished to mixed reception


The twice delayed bleacher are finally finished and ready for the new year

Ernest Owen, Staff Writer

After being delayed twice now, they are finally complete. Annandle’s new football bleachers were built over the summer after they were planned to be completed during the Spring season, but we’re delayed.
The schedule was not going to have this many delays. It was originally planned to be finished last spring season.
But after two delays and a summer later the bleachers are finally done
Compared to the old ones, the new football bleachers no longer have those openings at the bottom of the seats, so you can no longer drop your personal items, there are more entrances, which cuts down on waiting in line, and there is a new banner of the Atoms behind the bleachers. But does the student body believe they we’re worth it?
The student’s thoughts on the new bleachers have been fairly positive.
Junior Nicholas Salazar believed that they we’re an improvement, “The old ones had holes in them. I would drop my wallet down there. I think they’re nice.” Salazar said. Freshman Waed Addelhamid also preferred them from the old ones, stating, “They’re pretty good. I think (the old ones) rusted at the bottom.”
Even the staff liked them, as Assistant Principal Brian Valentine said, “They look nice. They look to be structurally sound. They got banners on the top, they wrap all the way around.” However, not everyone seems to agree.
Junior Justin Scott said, “I feel like they should have backed them up, so there would be more space in the sidelines. There’s not enough (room) for the whole team.” And other people seem to not care. “This is a (piece of) metal that I sit on. Every other person sits on them. You sit, down, watch a game, and leave.”
All in all, most people seem to like the new bleachers, and will enjoy sitting on them for this year’s season of football.
these bleachers will be here for a long time so it is beneficial that the students have a positive opinion of them.