Different culture? Different punishments

Nardos Bekele, Staff Writer

Every parent has a different opinion on how to correct their kids depending on their ethnicity background. This because in some countries there might be a rule or a way the society works.

In some people’s opinions, people that are Black African American, Hispanics, and Asians are most likely to be punished in a certain way like they get punished physically and as they get older it might decrease or the other way around but as in for people that are white get’s to talk back, curse, get bad grades and go out as they want and not get in trouble or get beaten, maybe sometimes they get grounded.

This is the opinion of some people but in reality, In the US you can’t touch someone physically while in other country’s like Africa and Asia, it okay for you to do so like there’s no official rule to prevent it from happening. In some cases, it might be okay to get punished in any way by your parent but it shouldn’t be happening on a daily bases.

Some parents have taken methods like grounding, taking the phone away, giving curfew, giving a lecture or talking it out and they have become more effective and more common than before. Some students in AHS has something to say about all this. Students don’t think some of the punishments aren’t fair like taking away electronics or having a curfew but it understandable because they want to keep us safe.

Everyone at least got a punishment at least ones in their life by their parents whether it physical or different methods. “I can’t really remember a time that I got punished but instead I sometimes get lectured for hours.”Said Ibrahim  Some students who are Ethiopians say their parents are overprotective but this doesn’t apply to everyone. So there might be a common way of punishment in cultures than people think.

Some students also said they haven’t been punished ever. It might be true that some cultures do more punishment than other’s but they all have one purpose to protect, teach and advise kids into becoming a better version of themselves some might be extreme than others and some might be effective than others and some might be better ways to punish your kids than others. In general everyone parent has their own way of punishing their kids depending on their background.