Are they worth it?

After the tremendous success of the first AirPods release, Apple has created the AirPods Pro.

This new version’s biggest addition is noise cancelation, which is something many users have been waiting for.

“I was happy to hear they created this feature,” senior Eric Gonzalez said.

This makes them the only in-ear headphones with active noise cancellation.

AirPods Pro are smaller than the original, with a slightly wider case. They have also created silicon tips to help them fit the user’s ear better.

“The first AirPods didn’t fit my ears that well which made them hard to use,” senior Maddy Kim said.

They have three different sized tips or you can take them off completely. You can take a fitting test with each tip and they will tell you which one fits best. A smaller, but still significant revision is making them sweat and water resistant.

You can now switch between noise cancellation and “transparency mode”, which allows you to hear things around you, with the tap of a button.

You can also share audio through the Control Center. This feature is the coolest because now you can listen to the same song through different series of Airpods.

All these new features have  increased the price to $249, nearly $100 more than the first version.
“The new ones cost a lot, but they’re definitely better than the ones I have now,” junior Andrew Pang said.

Apple has changed the headphone game with the AirPods Pro, keeping them at the top of technology.