Never vape again

Vaping has become a big issue all around the world, including Annandale High School. We see all over the Internet that people are becoming ill because of vaping but people continue to do it.

There are people every day getting vaping-related injuries. There have been 47 deaths in about 25 states because of this. Even though people are seeing it all over the internet, there are still many people that are getting injured because of this “trend,” they still blindly follow this course.

The risks of vaping outweigh the pleasure it gives for a momentary time being. Teenagers vape to “have fun” and “relax” but there are many other things you can engage in that are fun and relaxing without hurting your body.

People don’t realize that this drug is not only affecting them personally, but also the people around them. Anybody that is around the drug can get second-hand vaping problems from breathing in the vapor.

Teenagers think that it’s a “cool” thing to do and that it will boost their social status and make them popular. They don’t see the internal damage that is being done to their bodies. It is as if students have turned a blind eye on the fact that Juuling and vaping will eventually harm you.

I don’t understand why anyone would do something that you know is hurting you. People are not seeing this as an actual problem. I feel like people are pressured to vape which is not good because that leads to bad habits.

A lot of people you know are the ones that you never expect to do it but they do because of all this peer pressure. Vaping might be something that students are turning to because of stress at school or home.

If someone doesn’t vape, they are considered “not cool” which is ridiculous because all they’re trying to do is not damage their lungs. People also don’t understand that you can get addicted to it. They think that they can’t get addicted to vaping so they do it but it happens more often that not.

People make excuses, saying that it is better than other drugs so it’s okay to do it. Just because it’s better than other drugs doesn’t mean that it’s good for you. It just won’t hurt you as bad as the others. People need to understand that just because something has less of an effect on you than another thing that it doesn’t make it something that you should be using and turning to.

Vaping is terrible for your lungs and heart which will affect you over time. The older you get, the more you are supposed to be taking care of your body, but vaping isn’t going to take care of your body in the long run.

Because young kids are doing it, by the time they are adults, their heart and lungs will be heavily damaged.
It’s also expensive to buy the parts needed.

You have to buy different parts including the Juul pod and the e-cigarette. You could be using that money to buy better things than drugs.

It’s a waste of money. Overall, it is not good for you, it costs too much money and it doesn’t benefit you in any way.

Students should reconsider their decision on vaping and should stop doing it as soon as possible before they have symptoms of illnesses.