The pressure is on


The end of the 1st semester is coming to an end and both students and teachers are rushing to get everything done before the last day on January 24th for students and February 2nd for teachers.

When the end of a quarter approaches most students rush to do whatever they can to bring their grades up. Most will ask teachers for extra credit assignments and if you’re lucky enough, your teacher might give you an assignment that may raise your grade.

On the other side of the spectrum, teachers are putting grades in as fast as possible so that students would know what their grade would be for the quarter before StudentVue closes on January 24th at 2:00 p.m and reopen on February 1st.

“Personally I try to stay up on my grading as much as possible. However, if students do turn in late work, I do not penalize them for it and I give them full credit,” business teacher Howard Dwyer said. 

Other teachers might not put in grades as fast as others because of the complications they might have. Students should be aware that teachers have a week after the 24th to put in grades so they are in no need to rush. 

The complaints students always have near the end of the quarter are tests and quizzes. Some teachers may give a test or a quiz in the last week of the quarter. They might put it in the upcoming quarter or keep it for the quarter the student took it in and that is entirely their choice. 

“Act like your schoolwork is like exercising, you have to do a little bit every week in order to get the maximum effect. If you wait until the last minute and you try to exercise and make up for time that’s not going to work,” history teacher Joel Jepson said. “So, carve out a little bit of time every week to do it because students create stress and drama when you wait until the last minute.”  

The last week of a quarter is a very stressful time for both students and teachers. Students should maintain their grades from the very beginning. Procrastinating and trying to fix grades at the very end might not work out the way they want it to. “I try to keep my grades high so that when the end of the quarter comes, I won’t stress out on trying to bring my grades up because they would be at an already good place,” junior Columba Cruz Rivers said.