Students audition for the pit

D’yontae Jackson, 10 Bari Saxophone: “I am auditioning to become a better player. I want to get better at my instrument because after high school, I plan on becoming a professional saxophonist. I’ve never done the pit before, but I’ve heard from others that it is a good way to improve.”

Most people believe that to be in the musical they must be able to sing or dance.
There is a third option, however, and that is by joining the Orchestra/Band Pit. It is taking a different direction this year by making students audition to perform.
“We wanted to give the students a chance to prepare ahead of time and we wanted to make sure we had the best players we could for each part,” band and pit director Joseph Witkowski said.
The auditions were held on Feb. 21, and students were also required to fill out a Google form to audition, which just asked about availability and what instrument was being played.
For the actual audition they were required to perform four excerpts from the musical and a scale of Witkowski’s choosing.
Witkowski looked for great musicianship along with accuracy for each individual player.