Homecoming returns with record high turnout

This month, Homecoming returned to AHS with more than an astounding 900 students attending the event.

“It was the highest turnout ever for Annandale,” Leadership student Fatima Sayed Eltayeb said. It was so much, in fact, that not even the students attending anticipated the high turnout.

“I didn’t think that many people were gonna show up, but the numbers made it more fun,” junior Mikayla Iglesias said.

“Yeah, it made sense so many people wanted to go to Homecoming,” senior Yasmina Seveney said. “The freshmen and sophomores didn’t have a Homecoming yet, juniors only had one Homecoming, and seniors hadn’t had a Homecoming in a year.”

Regardless of the turnout, the opinion on Homecoming was the same.

Everyone loved it.

After a year of its absence, Homecoming 2021 allowed students to be students and to have fun.

“It felt great to finally get some social interaction, after practically a year of staying indoors,” said Seveney. “It was nice to see all my friends and be able to have a good time!”

Though for some, it was a challenge to return to being surrounded by a crowd. “It was weird after having not gone to any big gatherings only to go to Homecoming,” said Iglesias. “An odd but fine experience.”

For some, it was a nerve wracking experience.

“I felt nervous, and also good going to my first and last Homecoming. Though it was a little weird doing it during the middle of the pandemic,” senior Samari Jackson

Jackson wasn’t the only one with a concern for COVID-19, though. Senior Isabella Powell also showed her concerns for the pandemic amidst Homecoming.

“Homecoming being outside was 100% the right move,” said Powell. “With covid being a concern, holding it outside made it a lot more safer.”

Covid aside, Homecoming 2021 was an enjoyable experience for everyone who went.

“My favorite part of Homecoming was definitely the food.” Said Iglesias.

“The mosh pit and CaliBurger were my favorite parts,” said Jackson.

“My favorite part was finally seeing all my friends and hanging out with all of them in one place. It’s very apparent that they definitely put quality above all this year,” said Seveney

“I think my favorite part of Homecoming was seeing everyone all together again after so long,” Said Powell. “Everyone having fun and laughing and talking to their friends. I feel like that’s what high school is really about building relationships and having a stress free fun time.”

So, whether your favorite part of Homecoming was the food, the music, or even seeing your friends again, the outlook on Homecoming is clear. Everyone had a blast getting a taste of normality after a grueling pandemic. Truly, Homecoming 2021 will be a memory we’ll look back on for years to come.