Fall to Winter transition

As the Fall season departs and the Winter season begins, we have to say goodbye to lots of things, but it’s not all bad as the Winter season will bring a lot of new things to store that’s exciting to come along for this year. Fall consisted of the vast amount of leaves everywhere falling from the trees, the leaves including colors; red, orange, yellow, brown, green. 


Fall contains the breezy chill every morning, the wardrobe having a scarf, sweaters and everything long sleeve. Fall is one of the most favorite seasons amongst many, for good reason. Whether the reason being the wardrobe, scenery, or the weather itself. 


As we enter Winter, we enter the wardrobe with puffy parka jackets, beanies, and gloves. This winter will definitely be different as we are finally gonna be outside and in person during the winter season. It will be sad to leave the bittersweet balance of winter and summer behind, but winter still is a great season all in all. 


It won’t be the most terrible of circumstances as winter isn’t too bad as long as the cold isn’t below freezing. If we ever get snow, it’ll surely beat the daily winds that fall can bring at times. Winter is just another indicator for being close to the 2 week break that many students and teachers are anticipating. 


There are definitely pro’s and con’s to both seasons, but the pros weigh out the cons for winter a lot, so I’m sure it’ll be a good winter this year. Although we are leaving Fall for the year, I know that Winter will treat us well!