Snow starts early

Virginia has always had a weird relationship with snow. Whether it’s snowing in November, or all the way in March. It’s never been normal. This year though, it started early on just the third day of January, snowing from the early morning all the way to the late afternoon. It was a winter wonderland to lots of people. It snowed around 6-8 inches throughout the city. 


It was great and a relief for some that schools were closed that gave an extended winter break. The snow wasn’t salted beforehand because of previous rain, so the melting rate was very slow. 


On Tuesday morning, everyone was greeted with the same lengths of snow we’d seen the previous day. As it was so cold, it slowed down the melting process even more. The ice was still pretty bad on this day, though. 


Many students and teachers were delighted with the relief of not having to do transportation in the scariest kind of road climate. On Wednesday, it started to melt away, but still at a very slow pace. Schools were still closed for the third day, and people were happy, but also confused as FCPS had never really experienced this kind of extended break. Once Wednesday rolled around, it just became a game of whether or not FCPS was gonna close the school again. 


When it was released that we would be off on Thursday, everyone knew it was inevitable that school was going to be cancelled the following day. Friday had a 50% chance of snow and even flurries will add on to make it even colder and replace the previously melted snow. It was a very interesting experience to have a 3 week long winter break, with actual snow consisting during it. 


Many students and teachers wonder what FCPS will do, now that all of the FCPS No School snow days have been used. Virtual approaches are assured, but many students, parents and teachers wonder what will happen if we use them up quickly like before as we’re still in the Winter Season for another month.