Biden takes Ukraine’s side

Over the past couple of days, Russia has had 100,000 troops near the Ukraine border and military bases surrounding Ukraine in plans of invading it. Biden has warned Putin that if they were to invade Ukraine that the U.S. would be “prepared” and the U.S. would have a “war of choice.”  Biden stated that his administration rimintarion has had non stop diplomacy and de-escalation which is the best way for all parties in Biden’s view. The U.S. have started to develop autonomous drone swarms amid the Ukraine and Russia conflict. Many concerns have been raised between the turmoil with Russia and the U.S. but Russia will likely pull away and that a third World War would be an unlikely circumstance. Recently many troops have been withdrawn form the Ukraine border, but there are some reports coming out saying that there have not been signs of Russian de-escalation despite continuous military build up by Russia. Satellite images also show as many as 60 helicopters being positioned at air bases in Crimea leaving more confusion on Putin and Russia. “I understand how the U.S wants to protect its ally, Ukraine, but I prefer not to conflict because that could spread into further problems that neither nations need,” junior Filliomo Meaza said.