Summer is near, and Covid-19 is calming down

Students are preparing for the summer by applying to jobs

Summer is right around the corner and Covid-19 has begun calming down, leading to many students applying for jobs. Last year, many students had a hard time applying for jobs due to Covid-19 and having a lack of job experience considering that many businesses were shut down for prolonged periods of time.

Many students are applying to jobs like Target or Chick-Fil-A. Last year, the unemployment rate increased to a record high, breaking the record since the Great Depression. Now, students are stepping up and filling in these roles.

A new Chick-Fil-A restaurant has recently opened near the Speedway gas station, making it a hot spot for many students to apply to work there. The students’ schedules for working at Chick-Fil-A vary, some prefer to work on weekdays and others prefer weekends with hours ranging from four to sometimes five hours a day.

Students who have worked in Target or in Chick Fil A have been paid by paycheck through a banking account that the students have to set up.

“Mostly it is pretty easy. I am still learning until now, but working too many hours for example like over 10 hours a day can be exhausting and energy draining,” junior Kibret Zerezghi said. “I like that people are busy all the time because it is a fast food industry so you have to be quick. It has been a very good experience since you learn a lot about the real world and how to manage your money. The best part is being part of the team and having to work with many amazing people.”