Art on the Avenue Event in Alexandria

Kavi Shamdin, Arts Co-Editor

On Saturday Oct. 1 at 10AM a voluntary event, known as Art on the Avenue, was held in Mt. Vernon Avenue in Del Ray, Alexandria. This event is a celebration of every communities diversity. The event consist of work from all different types of cultures and backgrounds.  All indiviuals involved in the event have a stand set up full of art work, music, and more each representing someplace different. Art on the Avenue is something many people look forward to visiting once an event around their community is being held. When the event came to Alexandria over 50,000 visitors attended. If you couldn’t attend right away, the stands and entertainment were going on until 6PM. A lot more than just art was included at the event. It also included live music, food, and it even had a pie baking contest. The crazy and special thing about this event is the fact that it’s entirely organized by volunteers. The next time Art on the Avenue is around, get your friends together and go look around!

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