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Senior Ernest Owen: “Our World, Embraced”

“Our World, Embraced” does a double-take on the 1938 political pamphlet produced by the Catholic Library Service in the United States in which an octopus spreads its tentacles, suffocating the world, as a political metaphor.

“In my piece of art, I portray the novel 2019 COVID-19 as an octopus that has spread its tentacles all over the world, has affected the everyday life of all humans in each nation, and has infected many people on every single content (but Antarctica),” Senior Ernest Owen said.

“The title I chose for this piece of art includes the word “Embraced.” Using this word was intentional as I wanted to show that despite the harm and suffering that this virus has caused, it has brought people closer together. Scientists from various nations worked tirelessly together to create a vaccine; family members had the opportunity to slow down and enjoy each other’s company as well as come closer together during the lockdowns that took place all over the world.”

“Rather than suffocate the world, by giving it a positive spin through my art and its title, this virus “embraced” the world like we all embraced each other with sacrifice and compassion towards a common purpose for the common good. I would like to commemorate the idea that love and kindness can overpower any adversity as “Our World, Embraced.”

Sophomore Meaza Filimon: The Brief Dive

The Brief Dive is a podcast of an unlicensed teen perspective on mental health, positive psychology, and mindset! Filimon started this podcast because of how much he wanted to help teens out there who are not in tune with their feelings and emotions. Most teenagers aren’t big on mental health, and it can sometimes even be confusing. Filimon helps briefly explain how to work through certain feelings and emotions. The Brief Dive is a great way of helping teens who want to learn more about mental health on-the-go or while multitasking. Grab some headphones and press play to tune in to these helpful weekly episodes!

Disclaimer: The Brief Dive represents the opinions of a teenager who is not a licensed professional. The content provided should not be taken into consideration as primary medical advice, diagnosis, or any sort of medical/psychological treatment. The purpose of this podcast content is meant for informational purposes only.

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