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Gaudete! at the Annandale HS Chorus Winter Concert

Gaudete! at the Annandale HS Chorus Winter Concert

All of the choirs are singing the song Gaudete, which means rejoice in latin, with the Annandale Select Women's Ensemble at the front of the stage.

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Galilea Sejas, Arts Editor
December 16, 2017

Everyone rejoiced at the chorus concert on Tuesday Dec. 12. Many people were able to see the improvements of the annandale choir, since the fall concert. Annandale chorus teacher, Patrick Vaughn said, “from the fall concert, every choir is getting better, they’re singing better. I tell my students at the beginning of the year that every concert they do, should be stronger than the one they've done previously. The best concert that they do, should be the last concert that they do in May.” Each chorus needed to memorize a set number of pieces, all of which they would be rehearsing during t...

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